Sunday, June 20, 2004

I'm ready...

to head back to Oxford and have a good fall semester. Don't get me wrong. I love my home, and I have good friends here, and I can't complain about making money. (My job/co-workers, yes. The money, no.) I'm homesick for school and I haven't even been home for most of my summer vacation yet: The total of 41 breaks down into 22 days gone, 19 days here.
What spurred the thoughts of getting back down to good old Miami was a call I received from my roommate on Thursday. What had happened was this: We signed up for room 069 Thomson Hall in February. In May, we were informed that we had been transferred to room 169 in the same hall. However, while I was vacationing, both Cassie and I were informed that Thomson was going to become a first-year dorm and that we had been moved to 132 Mary Lyon Hall. My new dorm
At first I was a little bummed: this is an all-girls dorm (or at least it was last year), and perhaps I could be bombarded with too much estrogen. Cassie told me that it would be air-conditioned, but then I found out that Mary Lyon was not an air-conditioned hall. The only good thing was the addition of about ten square feet of space. Then, as I was listening to the answering machine this morning, I came upon a message that told me I would be receiving a FREE air-conditioning unit for my room. For what, I don't know, nor will I be able to find out until tomorrow. I hope it's because they decided to move me all over the place.
So, it's just a short 55 days until summer ends and I go back. Which kind of does sound short. Oh, summer...

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