Friday, May 21, 2004

Just call me Pressure Washer Woman

Because that is what I did all day. I started work at the State Park campgrounds as a lifeguard. Actually, the pool hasn't opened yet and actually, no one else had really done any work on it until today when I, the only person working there who has graduated, got there. That means that I spent the day by myself, single-handedly preparing the pool deck for the summer.
I began my day by waiting for my boss to get there. That's right, I was there at 8 am (actually 10 till) and he got there at 8:22. Wonderful. Then, I was told that he'd be back in a while with a radio in case I needed anything and that I would be cleaning the lounge chairs and pressure washing the deck. Okay. He left, I cleaned all of the chairs, put them in the grass where he told me to...and he still hadn't come back. I looked at the pressure washer and knew that me turning it on was just not going to happen.

So I waited, and waited and waited...and I know that it's often said that state workers just stand around all day anyway, but I didn't want this to turn into one of those situations. So I finally pull out my cell phone and call the guy, who comes, although without a radio. Whatever. I pressure wash about half the deck, and if you think about it, I'm sure you'll find it funny to picture me wrestling with a pressure washer. Anyway, the damn thing runs out of gas about an hour and a half into my project, and I decide to call the guy on my phone AGAIN; however, this time, he is not there and I realize that this is because every single campground worker--except me, ironically--goes to lunch from 12-1. Great. I was stuck there until about 12:30 when one of the other guys I'd met this morning showed up and said that I ought to go have some lunch. I came home and changed out of my sweaty clothes, had a glass of orange juice, and went back. I finished pressure washing the deck, but not before I managed to accidentaly pressure-wash one of my sandals right into the pool. That was fun. Especially since we had to get one of those really long poles to get it out of the middle.

I dragged the chairs to their actual spots around the pool and then with a sunburn and a headache I told this other guy that I was just going to head home. But first, I had to stop out at the office building because I couldn't tell my boss the days I needed off because HE NEVER BROUGHT ME THE RADIO HE'D PROMISED. Then I finally got to come home. Yay for first days of work. Especially when you're all alone and get forgotten by everyone you work for.
Oh Colorado, I miss you and your thin air and mountains so much...

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