Thursday, May 20, 2004

The Colorado Adventure

This is not a postcard. I took this picture.

Well, I know you're all very excited to know how much fun I had in Colorado Springs. I had a lot of fun, actually, and am a little sad to be back. I can't believe Christina left that place to come to school in Ohio. But, what do I know. Anyway, here are some things I learned on my 11-day trip, and if you want the details, I'll give them to you in person. If I wrote everything, you'd get bored and I'd get tired of typing.

1. Indiana is kind of a stupid state: too many bugs and bad state highway patrolmen, among other things led me to believe that if we ranked the states from 1 to 50, it would be 50th.

2. You know on the computer game Oregon Trail, there's that place you stop called Fort Kearney? I always thought it was pronounced Fort KEE-ar-nee, but it isn't. It actually sounds like Fort CAR-nee. Who knew?

3. People in every state use this extremely irritating phrase: "Just remember, if you don't like (insert state name here) weather, just wait until tomorrow!"

4. It is not a good idea to go hiking at 11:30 at night while leaving your car parked beside the road. Police officers will believe it is abandoned. This is generally a bad thing.

5. Flat tires, while definitely a pain, are not too hard to change if you are a person who knows what's going on. Now, I am one of those people. It feels good.

6. Fortune cookies have amazing insight, as long as you are willing to twist their meanings and the significance of the things that happen to you.

7. Certain types of video games are addictive and should be avoided at all costs.

8. At higher altitude, the thin air makes it more likely that you will become dehydrated. Take that for what you will.

9. Troy is not a very good movie. I recommend waiting to rent it, because although the movie itself is very, very bad, Brad Pitt is very, very good.

10. Loudonville is missing out because it has no used book stores. I know we have Books, Baubles, and Brew but I mean a real one.

11. Paradise by the Dashboard Light is, evidently, a midwest thing. Or maybe just a Loudonville, Ohio thing. All I know is, no one else knows it.

and let me finish with a serious one:
12. The more people you meet, the more you learn about yourself.

So that's my trip. I did the tourist stuff, Pikes Peak, Garden of the Gods, etc. and it was also fun to meet Christina's friends/family, who were all really nice and fun people.

I get the feeling that I might not have a whole lot to post until the pool opens on Memorial Day, so don't hold your breath for another post...

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