Friday, April 02, 2004

Well. This week, I have definitely taken advantage of the things MU offers. First, on Tuesday, Anne invited me to go hear Carroll Spinney, a.k.a the voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch, give a lecture at Hall Auditoruim. It was really interesting; I never realized that Big Bird's head is controlled by Mr. Spinney's right hand held above his head. He told some good stories about life as a puppeteer, Jim Henson, and being "the most unknown famous person in the world." I was glad I went.
On Thursday night, Cassie and I went to see the national tour of Grease. It was good. I mean, no one compares to John Travolta or Olivia Newton-John, so...what can you do. I'll tell you one thing though, the choreography was BAD because there was about none. Oh well. An enjoyable experience nonetheless.
Tonight I dragged Chad to the MU Steel Band concert. The MUSB is comprised of about 45 people playing steel drums, a drum set, and bongos. It was really really really good. I was so impressed. And one of the guys who helped invent steel drums was there, he talked for a little bit, and that was cool. So maybe next year I'll try my hand at steel drumming. It looked like so much fun.
My family and some friends are on their way here right now, so Little Sibs weekend looks like it is going to be lots of fun. Hopefully the weather clears up...I'm tired of having to walk around a wet, gloomy campus and I don't want them to either.