Monday, April 05, 2004

Little Sibs Weekend:
Jimmy, Scott, David, Krystle, and my little sister Erin came down to stay on campus, while my parents stayed in a hotel. We did some fun things:
1. Have you ever heard of You hide stuff somewhere--anywhere on earth--and then post its GPS coordinates on this website. There happen to be several on this very campus. We went searching for them on Friday night, and found one. It was fun.

2. Have you ever taken high school students to a dining hall? It is so much fun to see them, in awe, looking at the massive amounts of food. Also, if everyone in college ate like they do, the world would shortly run out of food and it wouldn't be the freshman 15, it would be the freshman 50.

3. Cook Field's field day was fun. They had a velcro wall, and this dad took his little girl (probably about 4 years old) and threw her up to the top of it. She was nicely stuck. It was pretty funny. It was also funny when the boys put on the velcro suits and tried their hand at it.

4. We played the most vicious game of water basketball ever with Cassie and her brother. I have several bruises; I believe these stem from the fact that it was boys vs. girls and probably their combined heights tripled that of my team's.

5. We went to Jungle Jim's grocery store on Sunday. How can you not have fun at a place that sells International soda brands and has a giant, singing Elvis-impersonating monkey animatronic?

Needless to say, I am exhausted from this weekend. But it was lots of fun, and I'm so glad everyone came to vist. Also, a big thanks to Christina, Anne, and Steve for letting people crash in their rooms. I have wonderful friends!

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