Saturday, April 24, 2004

Soccer Moms Have Taken Over

Campus is crazy today. Not only is there some concert uptown, but also a soccer tournament taking place on every single field Miami has to offer. This also means that there are mini vans taking over the already too-small number of available parking spots around Oxford.
First of all, they are kicking all the cars out of Ditmer until Monday night at 5, and allowing yellow pass cars (the lowest pass color) to park on campus where they regularly aren't allowed. This presents a problem for me, as my car has no pass whatsoever. Guess I'm going to the Parking office on Monday. Grr...
Second of all, everywhere in Oxford is really really busy. Christina and I tried to go out for breakfast but unfortunately due to time constraints had to settle for McDonald's drive-thru instead of Bob Evans or Uptown Cafe. On our way there, we almost hit several soccer dads and passed multiple mini vans with "We're no. 1" written on them with that glass chalk stuff. So if you like to watch little kids play soccer, Oxford's where it's at.

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