Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Procrastination and Blogging go hand in hand

I'm sitting here pretending to work on my final English paper. What I'm really doing is looking for a new buddy icon, reading other people's blogs, and writing my own. This is much more fun.

I just got back from Shriver, where I spent half an hour trying to find a birthday card for my brother. Half an hour! And I still don't really like the one I got him. Whatever happened to a good old-fashioned, Happy Birthday, Brother! card? Maybe I'm just stuck in the college bubble, where beer and bikini-clad girls are the norm for guys. I just don't think that would be appropriate to send home.

At 5 I get to schedule, which is another reason why I'm writing this and killing time. There are about 7 spots left in all the classes I need, so hopefully I get everythig scheduled fast enough to get into everything. I've already been closed out of Public Speaking, but maybe I can force add it. I'll update you later on how that goes.

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