Wednesday, April 21, 2004

How I spent the last hour

Oh yes. I almost beat the system. What system, you ask? The scheduling system at MU that thinks it's fun to be mean to Loren, and close her out of Communication 135 because of a "major restriction," which is funny because my major is Technical and Scientific Communications. Hm. Also Journalism 201, which is a requirement for me. Whatever. I have 18 credit hours: Environmental Biology, Intro to Technical Writing, Beginners Italian, Philosophy 103 (intro course), and Art History (with Christina! should be fun). And of course Marching Band. Oh and I think I should go add Hockey band as well. I want to force-add Desktop Publishing or HTML because they are for my major, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. I also want to take some classes over the summer, either at the OSU-Mans. branch or Ashland, but I couldn't find any info online. What am I thinking--should I really be taking classes in the summer?

On a side note, I am watching the news. They just did a 10-minute piece on talk about the possibility of a draft for Iraq. They interviewed all these people--mothers, high school guys, etc. and then--this is great, this is why the news makes me so mad--they ended it with, "the government has issued a statement saying that there are no plans for a draft, and the president has repeatedly stated that he sees no need for a draft anywhere in the future." Holy crap! Why did they say that then? However, they did have a plug about these 2 Bengals players who are looking for dates, you can enter and win one. Sounds like fun. I wonder if 19 is too young for a big hunky pro football player...maybe they wouldn't appreciate that I am more of a Browns fan, anyway. Oh well. I can dream, can't I? Yes...I should just change the channel.

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