Monday, February 23, 2004

Please forgive me for the expletives that may follow.
First of all, last semester I sign up for BMZ 115, which is the equivalent of Biology 101. It also has a lab. We're doing things like throwing a frisbee and counting the clover underneath it and dissecting dried-up clams and Kroger squid. (Yes! From KROGER! I may just be a college freshman but even I know that there are special companies that take care of dissectable animals. That squid was disgusting and even my TA admitted that it was a waste of time to be looking at it.) But it was pointless--the things we were doing in lab came about three weeks before they came in lecture, so no one was really getting a whole lot out of it. Just a lot of stupid busy work.
So we get to BMZ 116, (Again, about like Bio 102) and I'm thinking, maybe this will be different. Well, I was wrong. It is, I think, worse. We took like, half a lab to make this stuff called Kim-chee and evidently its pH got lower over the next week, but we never had to study WHY or even do a lab write-up for it. Another time, we watched a video about Meiosis and Mitosis. Talk about a fun way to spend a Wednesday morning. Especially since I'm sure everyone in my class has been doing Meiosis and Mitosis since high school Biology.
Then last Wednesday we had a "discussion" about genetically engineered crops, which wasn't really a discussion, it was my TA telling us about how her allergies have been awful since she came to MU because of all of the farming of genetically engineered crops around here. And how a genetically engineered food allergy can be FATAL. So now we have to research and evaluate (because, you know, this is a class about understanding the internet...) this list of internet websites that deal with g. e. crops. They gave us about 20...and I could only get about five to work. About half that were left "no longer exist," and the rest "could not be displayed."

So I guess what I really want to say is, wtf Dr. Steinly (the "scary" guy in charge of BMZ 115 and 116 labs)? Why can't you put together some decent, APPLICABLE, timely labs for us? This is crap.

Thanks for listening, I feel better now.

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