Tuesday, February 10, 2004

I was up at 5:10 this morning, thought, "well, my alarm will go off at 5:50" and fell back asleep until 6:07, at which time I found that my phone charger was not working, my phone was dead, and Christina had already left for the rec without me. This means that I'm either going to have to forego swimming today or forego studying for the Chem exam tomorrow. I should just drop that class anyway, but sometimes it is just so satisfying to be oblivious to your problems and go about life as though things like chemistry and ethnomusicology papers don't exist. I mean, you pay for it eventually, but everything is going to come out alright in the end. I think. Sorry Mr. Smucker, you're going to have to give that scholarship of mine to someone else...Chemistry is going to keep this girl from the 4.0 she needs to maintain it. :(

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