Sunday, February 08, 2004

Had a fun-filled family weekend. We started out with a hockey game, which Erin loved, and then went to Fairfield, where, to my surprise, we pulled up at the very same hotel where we'd had band formal. It was a little bit different scenario this time around, but still fun. On Saturday we went to the Cincinnati History Museum and saw lots of fun stuff (Erin says,"Hey, there's an audio exhibit, I'm going to go watch it!"), including a collection of art, etc. from the Vatican. Of course, this exhibit ended in a gift store where everything had THE VATICAN plastered all over it. There were some nice things, like gregorian chant cd's and rosaries, etc. but then there were some totally wacko things like Vatican aprons. Like, for cooking. I'm not Catholic and I hope I am not offending anyone who is, but I think that the apron thing was a little weird. This morning we went to Jungle Jim's and I looked high and low for these cookies I had in Italy but I didn't find them. I did find some baby swiss cheese, made by those dear Amish who live only about a half an hour away from me but are not my relatives (silly MU librarians). It was a fun place. Erin had some Coldstone and I think she may have been in Heaven. Then I was back to the dorm, working on my papers. Yuck. It was lots of fun to see my family. Even Jimmy said he had fun, so obviously it was a pretty good weekend.

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