Sunday, January 18, 2004

What a day! Christina and I started off our Saturday with a trip to the mall, where I decided that I will from now on wait until January to buy ANY winter clothing ever again. Everything is on sale so we had lots of fun. After that we had dinner with Dudas and Justin, who cheered us up even more than the shopping. (Four words to describe Christina: "Aww way") Then we got invited over to Tim's and picked up Cassie on the way. We played gamecube MarioKart, which, if you read my blog over break, you know that I'm pretty good at. Then we played N64 MarioKart, which I'm not so good at. But that's okay--I don't take it too hard when I lose at videogames. Then we headed over to 708 for my first party this semester. It was lots of fun to see everyone even if I'm not sure they all remember seeing me. I was the driver, so I took some sorority-rushing girls back to the dorms and hung out in Peabody where I found that I also like this game called Soul Caliber for XBox. Who knew I was going to start liking this kind of stuff in college? Maybe it was just that Cassie and I were the only ones not drunk who were playing so it made us look good. I don't know. Then I went back to 708 to give some people rides and I got some good advice from an intoxicated Phil: "I've been with all kinds of girls from cheerleaders to show choir girls. Just be with who makes you happy." Then I headed back to Peabody and hung out with Anne, Steve, and Katie until they all went to sleep. Christina and I decided we'd walk around for a while, and we met a new student on the Miami Western Campus. His name was Michael and he was a pretty interesting guy--he was willing to share with us that he is a drag queen. Ah, Western... So after a while Christina and I decided to head to bed. We ended up staying in Steve's triple room, because there's no one living there except him. It was lots of fun, and definitely a good way to end the first week of my second semester at Miami.

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