Saturday, January 31, 2004

As the people on the news just can't seem to get over, we had some record-breaking cold temperatures here in Oxford today. Luckily (if you look at it that way), I have been inside since about 9 this morning and haven't had to experience it, except for the small breeze that always manages to sneak through these stupid dorm room windows. It is never comfortable in my room--it seems that because we have no thermostat, Cassie and I are doomed to be either freezing or sweating. There is no comfortable temperature in this room.
Last night after having dinner with Chad, I went ice skating at the Goggin with Steve and Christina. I really love to skate, but I don't know why I do it. I have a weird skating technique--I am afraid/not coordinated enough to balance on my left foot, so I evidently look pretty stupid, or as I've been told in the past, "ungraceful." Not to mention that it reminds me of how my mom used to make fun of me for not bending my legs enough. It just makes me feel bad about myself. It also doesn't help when I have PMS and I want to cry about everything anyway. So, Steve and Christina and I finished ice skating and Steve (who thankfully gave us a ride or we would have frozen) wanted to go to Kroger, so we went and got some doughnuts (with chocolate...which made me feel a little better). Then we got this great idea to go get my car from the parking lot so Christina and I could drive to the rec in the morning. We spent about 20 minutes scraping the windows and getting the snow off, only to find that I was parked on a large sheet of ice and had no chance of getting unstuck. What were we thinking? So then we went to Peabody, watched The Cider House Rules, and all fell asleep. When I woke up, I had an amazingly sore throat and a headache, so I came back to my room and slept all day, but to no avail--I am still not feeling so great.
So, here I sit, home by myself on a Saturday night, box of kleenex and bottle of water beside me, finally understanding why people say the worst time to be away at school is when you're sick...

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