Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Not being at Miami hasn't been this much fun since last summer. Monica and Kurtis and I have practically been living together. I'm not sure how many games of Clue we've played, but it's definitely been fun. Also, you have to leave the room you are in on every turn. This is an important rule to cover BEFORE beginning the game.
I had a really great Christmas. Christmas Eve was a little hard without Grandma, and it was kinda disappointing that I had to leave early to go play Baritone for the Lutheran Church service. It went pretty well, though. It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be....I had a good Christmas day too. I got the Gap vest I wanted, in red, and I really like it. Even though Monica told me "well, it would be good if you wore it hunting, then you wouldn't get shot." Nice. I will still wear it though.
It is really hard to get off of what Kurtis and I call "college time." We are still staying up until like 3 every morning. That is bad for me, because I don't get up until 11 or so. Now, what is really bad is that my "college time" isn't looking like 11 or 12 for next's looking like 8 am Chemistry. There is no relation between my schedule now and the one I'm facing in a week and a half. Yuck.
One last thing...I had so much fun after the basketball game. On the drive home from Mt. Vernon, Kyle, Kurtis, Rob, Monica and I had the best time, except for Monica losing the phone that she usually has glued to her ear. We also found out that all the roads in Knox County have cool names (haha), and that Kyle can't help hitting every single pothole as he drives down the road. That was the best showing of Robocop I've ever seen!
And tonight is New Year's...I'll be celebrating with the family, Monie and Kurt, and some rousing rounds of Bunco. I can't wait for 2004!

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