Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Let's see...2003, what a big year. The basketball team with an awesome season that Rachel and I spent a fortune feeding. Playing Rosie in Bye Bye Birdie. Living with the best Czech foreign exchange student I know, Dominika. Mom getting sick and being sick for a long time. Prom. Scholarships and award ceremonies. My first A- (gotta love Psychology), but being able to keep my 4.0 because it's that final grade that really matters. Grandma dying and one of the most unhappy weekends of my life that included graduation, and that scary valedictorian speech. Destin Beach, Fla. and henna tattoos, strawberry daquiris, and the worst sunburns of my and Erin's lives. Breaking up. Red, White, and Boom with Kurtis. Seeing almost every movie that came out this summer. Finally starting to party with my friends from the pool (yes, Kurt, those ARE cornfields). Learning to heal with Monica. Freaking out about what I'd gotten myself into with marching band. Moving in to Miami, marching marching marching, meeting lots of new people. Audra's wedding. My car being smashed. My first halftime performance! Hooking Cassie and Megan on ABC soap operas. Halloween. Candlewood parties, rushing, and making lots of friends. My wonderful Chemistry grades. Watching my sister play Annie and bringing Christina to the wonderful town of Loudonville. Great trips to New York City and Alabama. And an insomniac Christmas break with Kurtis and Monica, complete with about a zillion games of Clue, back road signs, and MarioKart...What a year.