Thursday, September 26, 2013

Foam Fest

I've run a lot of 5ks this year, and as I mentioned I'm planning on running a 10k with Mary in December. But when a group of my friends decided to run the Foam Fest 5k obstacle course last weekend, I had no interest. Zero. Nope, nope, nope. Running is bad enough, and then you want me to get dirty and wet while I do it? NO THANK YOU.

I was feeling like a party pooper in the days leading up to the race, like maybe I was being silly and missing out on something that would end up being a lot of fun. I tagged along the day of the race, and everyone looked so excited. Plus, you got a medal just for finishing! And a pretty nice t-shirt! But still, my gut instinct was telling me that I'd made the right choice, even though everyone looked so happy:

photo 3

Then, the race started. And people started crossing the finish line. And it was DISGUSTING.

I learned that at one point in the race you had to completely submerge yourself in a pond to avoid electrocution. You had to climb through foam so thick and deep that you most likely ended up breathing it in and/or EATING it. Yuck. I may have been gagging at one point.

Here's what Adam and Mary looked like at the finish line. Poor Mary had something in her eye (dirt? foam? some kind of GROSS POND MUCK!?)


Remember how Adam's shirt was white at the beginning? Yeah. Nearly a week later, I'm still congratulating myself for not signing up for this race. (Sidenote: Despite my terrible attitude, everyone had fun and I'm glad.)

Also, here is a funny video of Adam at the final obstacle. I was so excited to tape just one of the obstacles (they were all spread so far from each other, it was hard to get to them), but it turns out Adam wanted to wait for everyone else. You can see them show up (and high-five!) at the end.

IMG_2076 a video by LorenAnn03 on Flickr.
(psst, if the video isn't working, you can see it here.)

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mary said...

That video makes me laugh way, way too hard! You made the right decision!