Tuesday, November 20, 2012

What's making me happy this week, XLVI

We had a busy weekend getting ready for Thanksgiving, so I completely forgot to write about the best parts of the week. Plus, it's hard to look back at last week when the holidays are so close! There are a lot of good things on the horizon.

The best part of last week though was probably the Denver Cutthroats game we went to Saturday night. Adam has been missing hockey since the NHL is locked out right now, so he decided we'd go to a minor league game. It was so much fun! They play at the Denver Coliseum, which is Denver's pre-Pepsi Center, mid-20th Century arena. The crowd was much smaller and everyone was friendly and having fun. Also, it was father-daughter date night, which, adorable. The Cutthroats mascot is a fish named Gill, and he is my newest favorite sports mascot:

The Cutthroats REALLY love puns, which led me to realize that one of the only instances in which I enjoy puns is in relation to sports mascots. (I think it's because mascots are already inherently silly, so why not have everything associated with said mascot also be silly?) Their merchandise shop is called the tacklebox, and their big cheer is "GO FISH!" It was all very charming, and unlike an Avalanche game (or any other event at the Pepsi Center), I was perfectly happy to stay until the bitter end. (They lost, as per usual when I'm in attendance.)

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