Tuesday, November 01, 2011

NaBloPoMo, year six

Coming off six weeks of neglecting this site, I decided to jump back into blogging by participating in NaBloPoMo again this year. Partially this is because I attempt it every year, and partially because I need a distraction from wedding planning so I don't drive myself insane.

I had huge plans for my post-graduate school life. I lined up a huge list of books to read. I was going to finish this blanket and focus on decorating my house and climb a 14er and build a better wardrobe. And then? Three days after graduation, I was suddenly engaged. Which is wonderful and exciting, don't get me wrong, but it has basically taken over my life. There is always something that needs taken care of, or planned, or booked. There are a million little details, and for each of those details there are books, websites, and magazines all ready to show you how to take care of them. And I have been scouring them all.

Last month I realized I hadn't finished a book since August, (unless you count the scores of wedding lookbooks and marriage prep workbooks I've checked out from the library), so I forced myself finally read something unrelated to weddings. It was nice to have something to think about other than, what color will my bouquet be? Or who are we going to have officiate? Or how do you and your fiance handle money? The whole wedding concept spikes my anxiety through the roof, so it was fantastic to escape the world of white dresses and photobooths for a while. The other day I realized, I need to step back and do something else besides worry about wedding planning, despite the size of my growing to-do list. So let's write some blog posts!

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