Saturday, December 04, 2010

At least the shipping was free, I guess.

Did you know that students with a .edu email address get a year of free Amazon Prime? My friend told me this the other day, and for my first free two-day shipping item I chose to order a book about baseball for one of Adam's Christmas gifts. I was very excited to be cutting out so much of the waiting period that accompanies online shopping, so obviously you know that something was going to go wrong.

Fast forward to two days later. My package hadn't arrived yet, so I checked the tracking information, which said that that it's been delivered to my porch at 5:19 pm, about 20 minutes ago. I'm no stranger to internet shopping, so I am aware of several things: when the UPS guy comes, he rings the doorbell. Tiny packages don't get left on the porch, they get left between the screen and regular doors. The UPS guy has never come as early as 5:19.

Because of these facts, I realized that I had a problem. I searched the whole front yard, but I knew no one had come. I checked the address I'd entered on the order, and it was correct. Sadly, by 5:30 it's dark out, and I wasn't about to go stalking around my neighbor's porches. I decided to just wait a few days and see if the problem would just fix itself, and my package, despite already being delivered, would magically appear on my doorstep.

I waited two days, and it didn't.

So, today I called UPS, who told me to call Amazon. Amazon awesomely replaced my order, and it will be here Tuesday. Problem solved! (No thanks to UPS, I might add, who LOST IT IN THE FIRST PLACE.)

And then? About an hour later, a guy from down the street came by. He'd been out of town, so his friend who was picking up his mail had taken it in the house Thursday night. He'd returned today and brought it over to my house as soon as he could.

I can only imagine that returning the replacement is going to be half this much fun.

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