Saturday, October 02, 2010

Pretty Things

I spent a lot of time window shopping (and whatever the internet equivalent is) (especially the internet equivalent) when we moved, trying to find inspiring color schemes, decorating ideas, and stuff to put on the walls. Of course, I ended up finding about a zillion things I loved that I couldn't exactly use, so here are a few that I wanted to share.

I think what I like about these chalkboards is that they're all advertised with fun and/or optimistic things to do written on them, whereas in my real life they'd always say things like write 15-page paper or clean the bathroom.

Good Time To... Chalkboards [via Orange Beautiful]

Now here is something I really don't need, but come on: this Save-the-Date is really cute. Commenters pointed out both that it's a good way to catch everyone up who only knows half of the couple, but also that it's a little much and could be simplified (haters gonna hate, am I right?) but I'm a fan.

Timeline Save-the-Date [via La Petite Coquin]

Look at this party! It was for a BABY! I think it would work for any kind of party, though. Especially if you did a red, white and blue thing for the 4th of July.

Pinwheel First Birthday Party at You Are My Fave

And one last thing: I learned in this decorating process that I am a sucker for bright, bold colors. If I could, I'd put these flowers in my house in a second. (If you're so inclined, the link goes to a how-to for building this masterpiece.)

Spectrum flower arrangement at One Charming Party

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Jay Bitner said...

The window-shopping equivalent on a computer is "site-browsing."

I usually begin each journey to the Internet with a single tab in one window. In no time at all, I find that I have 3-6 tabs open in 1-3 windows... WAY too many! To top it off, I have AADD, so I read a bit on a page and move on to the next thing that catches my attention. At some point, I get tired of reading on the web (or am summoned away by something more important) and leave the computer with all of those windows and tabs open.