Sunday, August 08, 2010

Things that happened nowhere near a computer

(By the way, all the links in this post are links to photos.)

Oh man, guys. This summer has gone by fast. It's already only a month until I start school again, and I feel like I've spent the last two months either traveling or preparing for visitors or hosting said visitors. In fact, yesterday was the first day in two weeks that I actually had any desire to do any sort of housework.

Anyway, here is a quick review of what I've been up to:
My family visited, then Brendan visited and I turned 26, which reminded me that I am well on my way to ANCIENT. But we made these lovely cake pops, which were an effective distraction:

Cake Pops

Then Adam and I went to Salt Lake City and met some very nice Mormons in Temple Square. But don't worry! We didn't go to convert, we went to spend money at Ikea. And oh, did we. Just look at how well the house is coming along.

A few weeks later, Adam's parents came to visit, and they not only bought us two air conditioners, they also did some intense yard work for us:


No more bushes

Oh! And I also took a couple of sewing classes, so I can now create something for you that incorporates gathered fabric. I know, I know. You're all very impressed. I can tell.

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