Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wherein my neuroses reveal themselves in full force

I'm moving in about two weeks, into this lovely little house:


So that's exciting! Unfortunately, I turn packing into an extremely intensive organizational nightmare, which is not exciting. For example: When we started packing our books (which by the way were shelved in alphabetical order by author's last name), I stood in front of the bookshelf, empty box in my hand, torturing myself: should I pull them off the shelves in order to make unpacking more simple? Should I try to pack as many books as possible into each box? Are there any I should get rid of?* Will all of these books even be kept in the same room?**

While I stood there, Adam came over and started pulling books off the shelves and sticking them wherever they would fit. So that solved my problem, or so I thought. And so I went along putting books into boxes. With other books. That's important, because then. THEN! He started putting things in those boxes that WEREN'T BOOKS. Things like magazines (okay FINE), and knickknacks (well I guess they're all things from shelves), and then he was opening drawers and just looking for whatever would fit! Video games, dvd cleaner, just whatever was at hand. Well, I was shocked. I knew that we would never be able to find anything ever again, and all of our stuff would be unorganized and unusable for the rest of our lives.

I kept my knowledge of our impending doom to myself, and I'm glad I did, because over the next few rounds of packing, I realized that for us to not kill each other during this move I was going to have to get over it. The organizer in me was going to have to keep her mouth shut. And also maybe not overreact to the idea of mixed-content boxes.

And so I'm trying to get over it. I think I have, mostly. It probably doesn't hurt that Adam is letting me get this shower curtain for our bathroom. Isn't that shower curtain he the greatest?

*Hahaha! Just kidding! Of course not! You can't just GET RID OF BOOKS. Come on.

**If you think I'm crazy, please understand that I had just come home from sitting through a cataloging class, which is all about organizing books. So give me a break.


Su said...

I'd just like to point out that if you pack boxes FULL of books you cannot lift them, so it's probably better to put knickknacks and other non-books in there. Like pillows. It's happened to me before.....

Loren said...

Yes, but I think my brain would prefer having to carry 100 extra boxes, if only the stuff in them was perfectly organized and categorized. Also, I don't like it when he wins arguments.

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