Monday, December 21, 2009

Guilt Trip

Tomorrow I'm heading to Ohio for Christmas. Last year, I flew my dog with me, and she was a good little traveler but it was expensive to bring her along. So this year, I'm boarding her. My boyfriend is also boarding the kitten, so tomorrow I have to take the two of them to the boarder.

And you know, it's like they know. Francie has been charming the last few days, but the kitten is really just rubbing the salt in the wound. She has spent just about all of my waking hours napping on my lap, purring away so I know that she loves me. And that she doesn't want me to move or get up from the couch or leave the state.

I feel kind of like a traitor, knowing that tomorrow I'll be shipping them off to a bunch of strangers tomorrow. But for now, I guess we will just cuddle a little bit more and I'll pretend that we're not going to be leaving this apartment in 24 hours.

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