Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Movies (at the very last minute)

It's my last week of class for the quarter, so things are a little crazy right now, hence this terrible post:

I spent this afternoon at home working on a presentation. My roommate spent the day home sick, so while I worked away at notecards and powerpoint slides, there were movies playing in the background. Let me tell you what I watched:

The terribly unfunny Paul Blart: Mall Cop.

The semi-interesting, makes-me-glad-my-family-isn't-wacko Sunshine Cleaning.

Then, after class (and giving that presentation!), we watched Up, which was lovely to look at in addition to making me want to cry at least five times. I highly recommend it. The others, not so much.

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Saranade07 said...

Yeah Sunshine Cleaning was weird and I've netflixed Up, so I'm super excited. It's nice to have a good cry every once in awhile as well!