Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Flu, possibly of the swine variety

So guys, grad school and a nearly-full-time job is a lot of work, especially when I also have a new boyfriend and all I want to do is bake him cookies and be taken out on dates. (It's a real tough life I lead, I know.) I don't have time for the internet, except for when I am procrastinating and not writing a paper (for example: right now).

Luckily, I have had some really great coincidences that have made my life easier lately. The week before last I had the flu.* I had been putting off writing a paper and putting it off some more and really just doing everything in my power not to sit down and write it. And then on the very day I'd set aside to finally get it done (the day it was due), I was sick. And didn't have to go to class. Which meant I was given an extra two days to finish it.**

I was crazy feverish when I finished it, so I'm not entirely sure what I turned in, but the fact of the matter is that the paper was finished and submitted and I could move on to doing more important things like taking Sudafed and blowing my nose. And having this conversation with my boyfriend:

Me: "Ugh...I'm so glad you're home. I had a fever of 102 today."
Him: "So what did you do all day?"
Me: (In slight disbelief) "Um. I SLEPT all day."
Him: "Oh, so you didn't go to work or anything."
Me: (Even more disbelieving) "Did I not just tell you what my temperature was?"
Him: (Realizing he is about to be in trouble) "Do you want me to get you some dinner?"

So yeah. That was a lot of fun.

*One of my coworkers swears it was swine flu. I think if I survived the actual swine flu--which truthfully was not the sickest I've ever been, and not even the worst flu I've ever had--I should get a t-shirt that says "Swine Flu 2009 Survivor" or something. I mean this is a national emergency, people. And I made it through.

**Everyone on campus is terrified of the flu. If you just say you have a cough, they're like "OMG. STAY. HOME." Which makes sense but isn't really worth the fuss, because I am about 99% sure I caught the flu from someone on campus. But they're all really accommodating if you're sick, so that's a bonus.

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