Sunday, November 30, 2008

A real live tree. Well not live for much longer.

We put up our Christmas tree this weekend. It's pretty, I think:

Christmas Tree

I'd never had a real tree before, and neither had my roommate, but neither of us knew the other one was a real tree virgin until we'd lugged the thing into the apartment. I always thought my family had always used a fake tree because my dad was allergic to them, but apparently this isn't true, because when I called him and told him we'd bought a real tree he said, "Aren't you allergic? That's the reason we never had a real tree." So I am extremely confused but not sneezing yet. My theory is that my mom knew what a pain pine needles are to clean up (already, I am a little annoyed by them), and decided to tell me that I was allergic in an effort to avoid the hassle. Smart woman, that one.

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