Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Grandma's Marmalade Jar

When I moved out here this summer, I discovered a lot of the wonderful things I'd packed away while I lived with my parents. I had also just gotten my camera, so I started taking pictures of everything I loved but had sort of forgotten about.

Marmalade Jar

This marmalade jar is one of them. It was my grandma's, and it was one of the weird things my family thought I was a little silly for taking. I think it is perfectly charming, especially the way its facial expression is impossible to decipher. Is he smiling happily? Is he angrily narrowing his eyebrows? Why is he shaped more like an apple than an orange?

"You want that?" they asked, and when I said yes and also could I take the plastic souvenir cups from Sea World, well, that's when they realized that I am a little off.

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