Friday, August 08, 2008


My roommate and I haven't had cable since we moved into our apartment, but last week we realized we were going to miss the Olympics if we didn't hurry up and make an appointment. At first, we thought maybe we should just boycott China and their terrible human rights by not worrying about watching at all, but suddenly we were talking about archery and soccer and my roommate was calling Comcast. We're going to have cable tomorrow, so while we're missing the opening ceremony today, we'll be able to watch everything else.

We hadn't talked about it much since then, until last night when we were sitting around watching X-Files dvds. Out of nowhere, my roommate said, "I'll watch the Olympics, but I'm still going to boycott China in my mind."

I guess he'd been feeling guilty. "Yeah," I said. "Me too. That'll show 'em."

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