Thursday, July 24, 2008

Denver: Month One

Here are some things I have learned now that I have been in Denver for a month (and two days).

My dog cannot stop barking. She barks while she carries her toys around, and while she is eating. She will bark at anything. She just barked at thunder. She barks at the huge golden retriever that lives upstairs and the pekingese that lives across the hall. She barks at any person who walks by our patio door. She loves to bark at the cat. Sometimes, if she is sort of snoozing on the floor and she thinks that someone is maybe about to walk by our apartment, she will growl without even so much as lifting her head. So that has been a lot of fun. I was starting to feel bad for the frequency with which I was forced to smack her little nose, I bought a little spray bottle to squirt her every time she barked. But it didn't really work and she ended up chewing the nozzle off a few nights ago. So I have scrapped that idea and will spend the rest of this evening Googling different ways of saying "make my dog stop barking all the effing time."

Speaking of thunder, which is making the dog bark right now, it has rained only three times since I’ve been here, and none of those times would I call an actual rainstorm. Even now, as I write this, the weather channel tells me that this is the weather:

And according to any map, my apartment complex is right there under all that green. However, it is not raining outside, only thundering. So I have come to the conclusion that my apartment is in some sort of weird part of the city that just can't be rained on. In fact, Two of the three times it has rained I have been downtown (how convenient!), and the third time we were driving south to Colorado Springs. So we weren't even home. Isn't that strange? I bet it is raining across the street right now. Luckily it is NEVER humid here, so I will not be complaining about the lack of good thunderstorms.

In other news, I have been watching my roommate’s X-Files dvds in preparation for the premiere of the new X-Files movie, which I will be attending at 12:01 am this very evening. Why would I do such a thing, you ask? Maybe because of my roommate and his love for Mulder and Scully, but probably because by watching an entire season in the last three weeks I have jumped some kind of nerd-line and I have now crossed into ultra-nerd territory. So I will probably have to start liking Star Wars a little bit more. I already know how to write HTML code and enjoy watching documentaries. So really I suppose this was something just waiting to happen.

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