Wednesday, May 07, 2008

still here, i promise

Well, the five of you (is five being generous?) who visit on a regular basis, I just think that you are all wonderful people. Dedicated, really. Because how many times in 2008 have I rewarded you with new material? Not very often. I apologize.

I think maybe I just can't write anymore because the writing I do at work is bare-bones, state-the-facts writing. It's not insightful, or funny, or entertaining. It's informative. And no one wants to be informed about my boring life: "Today," I would write, "I had an orange for breakfast." And it was a good orange, but no one really cares. Or perhaps it is because my family would get bored of having me write about them. "Today [this is a true story, btw] my sister confused the word smug with the word smog. I was talking about a person, and she thought I was talking about the weather. Hilarity ensued!" It would probably embarrass her if I told that story, and besides that, it's not even a very good story.

Anyway. There are much, much better things for you to read on the great wide internet, so let me point you to some of them.
  • My Twitter feed. I update it way more often than I do here, and I am far more succinct. And, if you use Twitter, please tell me because I have no one to follow, as of yet.
  • My Google shared items page. I've posted this link before, but I thought I'd remind you about it. I add something new nearly every day. There is good stuff online! Seriously! And I made it easy and found it for you.
  • And don't forget, my feed is right over there on the left.
I'll have more to talk about soon. Big changes are on the horizon at AEFD headquarters, which will hopefully lead to something more interesting than another lame post of links. Hopefully.

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