Sunday, March 16, 2008

Across the country for a drink and a cute pair of shoes

It seems like I am always busy, but when I try to think of the concrete things I've accomplished the list is disappointingly short. I guess the last few weeks were a lot of running around (get ready for a 5-day trip to Colorado, go to Colorado, make up for being gone), so that makes me feel a little better. The trip was a lot of fun, and can be summarized in three words: shop, drink, sleep. And also we went to the Denver Art Museum, to try to salvage some sense of culture.

So there's not much of a story there, unless you'd like me to detail shoes I bought or the bars we visited. I love a bar with a distinct personality; if I were to open a restaurant or bar or cafe or whatever, it would fail miserably because I would try too hard to conform every single inch of the building to whatever theme I chose. I appreciate a well-put together experience, like the restaurant at Disney World based on the Italian restaurant in Lady & the Tramp. Or the speakeasy we went to in San Francisco. BRILLIANT. Now maybe I just need to have one within a reasonable distance. Doesn't this part of Ohio sort of need a Hofbrauhaus?

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