Wednesday, August 01, 2007

D.C., disposable camera

I was at Circuit City last week, tagging along while one of my friends bought a video camera. I'm not really into video cameras, but they do keep the beautiful, beautiful digital SLR cameras right next to the video cameras, and I spent the entire time we were there drooling over what amazing photos I was taking of the battery display.

I think this made it even worse that we were well on our way to Washington, D.C. by the time I realized that I'd forgotten to pack my camera.

In an attempt to be less mad at myself, I bought a disposable camera and spent the day taking pictures with it. I don't think my pictures are anything special, but I got a kick out of having to wait more than half a second to see what I'd just captured.

That, and the fact that all of my pictures looked like they were from 1993.

reflecting pool
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