Friday, August 24, 2007

Also, kids, get off my damn lawn.

I just signed on to my Facebook account for like the first time in about a month, and all I wanted to do was read a message that someone sent me. But first I had a bunch of people who wanted to be my friend, so I had to deal with that. And then I saw that someone invited me to use some sort of application that would tell people my mood? And what movies I like? And who my favorite friends were?

And I was still like, dude, facebook, just show me my message. How do I get to my messages?

It was sort of obnoxious, all the pictures and links to people and pages and ACCEPT or CONFIRM or REJECT and it was getting to be a little ridiculous. And the whole time I'm just thinking where are my messages!?!?

I finally found them (the Inbox link, obviously), but I was so overwhelmed by all the stuff on that invitations page that I closed the window as soon as I'd read the one little message I'd been looking for.

And then I thought, Internet Socialization: too overstimulating for a tired, crotchety 23-year-old.

But then I realized: Internet Socialization: too overstimulating for me, specifically.

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