Thursday, July 05, 2007


I spend my entire day just itching to sit down and write, about everything from the old man David and I look for every morning on the way to work (he hasn't been sitting on his porch for two weeks, but we did see his wife a few days ago!) to my descent back into the hell of caffeine addiction (working? At 8:30 am? Requires caffeine, end of story). But then I get home, and I'm sort of tired, and I can't quite sort out all the ideas in my head. So I watch dvd's or go swimming and then go to sleep. Days are so short. What am I going to do when it starts to get dark at 5:30 instead of 9:30?

I guess I've been busy doing summertime things, and you can't blame a person for that. For example, I went to my town's little summer-fest downtown last month, and on the way home we stopped at the library. I really love this quilt:

Quilted Loudonville
Originally uploaded by LorenAnn03.

It hangs in the library, and it must have been created at the pinnacle of my childhood, because every store I remember visiting as a five-year-old is on it. I also enjoy that they don't call the bar "BAR" or even its actual name. Instead, it says "Pool Room." How very River City of you, quilt-creator.

Seriously, you're going to want to go visit that photo and get the close-up. It's pretty impressive. Now. Click on it.

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