Sunday, June 10, 2007

Unhappy Feet

I lifeguarded at my beloved pool yesterday, partially because all of the current guards had the day off and partially because I just bought a car, a little 2002 Honda Accord. So, the $24 I made helped me pay for the power windows and keychain unlock thing and all the other great stuff my old car didn't have. Did I mention the power windows? Because now I have power windows, and they are pretty amazing.

Did you know that lifeguarding is the Best Job in the World? It totally is. I think my favorite part is that I don't ever have to wear shoes. My feet were always badass by the end of the summer, all toughened up from walking around on hot cement and hazardous chemicals, not to mention that they were the most tan part of my body.

Now, my feet have been faced with a new challenge, and it is called Wear Dress Shoes Five Days a Week. They are, apparently, not up for said challenge. They are pale, and covered in blisters, and generally quite unhappy with me.

I have faith in them, though. Because there were times when they didn't like the wet pool deck or the chlorine-dusted pump room floor. And they made it through. So how much harder can a pair of 3-inch heels be?

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