Saturday, June 02, 2007

Reasons why having a guy for your best friend doesn't always work out so well

(or, Reasons why living across the country from your best female friend sucks)

1. I will have to dye my hair by myself.

2. He is too honest when I ask, "why don't I have a boyfriend?"

3. I don't have anyone to tell me if these shoes look good with this outfit.

4. I can't borrow his clothes.

5. He doesn't understand how good chocolate is.

6. He doesn't want to watch Sex and the City, nor does he have the complete season on dvd for me to borrow.

7. He is not interested in going shopping with me, unless the store we're going to has an electronics department.

8. I don't have anyone to share really great gossip with, the kind you know you can't tell anyone, so you just have to tell each other and leave it at that.

9. No one understands what's going on when I make ABSOLUTELY PERFECT FOR THE MOMENT jokes, because unfortunately they are inside in nature.

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