Monday, May 14, 2007

To California

Tomorrow morning I am leaving for San Francisco, in an effort to spend this entire week enjoying myself. Today I spent the day at Cedar Point, where I took pictures of roller coasters and got a sunburn while hanging out with some of my (wonderful) friends from Miami.

Now, I have to figure out what to pack. I am terrified of TSA regulations even though I've been through security so many times, and I always fear that I will somehow inadvertently pack a foot-long butcher knife or propane lighter in my carry-on. I don't know how it would happen, it just would. In addition, I am almost always in the middle of a knitting project when I fly, and I always want to take it with me on the plane. The list says knitting needles are a YES item, but I am skeptical because have you ever held a pair of metal knitting needles? I don't like to knit in a moving car because I'm afraid we'll wreck or swerve and I'll come out of it with one fewer eye. And I just don't believe that someone who won't let me bring a full bottle of shampoo thinks it's okay to bring sharp metal objects.

Anyway, we haven't made too many decisions about our itinerary yet, so if you have any suggestions feel free to share.

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