Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Losing my religion

A few months ago, I was really, really excited about getting a new (used) Mac (specifically, a Powerbook G4). I finally got it during finals week last semester, only to find that I had two major problems: if it went into sleep mode, there was a good chance it wouldn't be coming back until I took out the battery (losing everything I had running and setting the date to 1969), and there were only about free 3.5 gigs of storage space when I was supposed to have about 70.

I had planned to take it to an Apple store Genius Bar over winter break, but as everyone apparently got a Mac for Christmas, there were never any appointments available. And because you can't make an appointment until the day of, I hadn't been lucky enough to get one until Friday.

I have to admit, I was skeptical going into my Genius Bar meeting. I thought about all the absolutely unpleasant IT people I've dealt with in the past, and I was dreading being treated like I didn't know how to turn on my computer or use virus protection software, let alone have a problem worthy of their technical prowess. And when that happened, I was going to sign off on Macs altogether and just be glad that I at least knew how to use one.

So when I got to the mall, I sat and waited for the condescension to begin. Of course, this was the one time that my computer could actually come back from being asleep, so with five minutes to spare before my appointment, I was frantically opening and shutting the lid, knowing that I was about to try to explain something that I couldn't prove.

But when I explained, the genius who helped me out was so, so, SO incredibly FRIENDLY, and hooray, my computer is now working like new, and I am absolutely in love with it. Partially because it's so pretty and sleek, and partially because I can close the lid and I can store more than ten pictures on my hard drive.

I had resigned myself to being a PC person a few weeks ago. But this...this is changing my mind. If I never have to deal with a snarky computer person again, I'm all about being a Pretentious Mac Person.

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