Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Everything I like devolved into everything I don't

I'm taking a class this semester called Humanities and Technology, which really is just a fancy way of saying, "Let's apply centuries of theory to today's media; specifically, the Internet, and more specifically, YouTube." Mostly, I find this idea fascinating, and I was really looking forward to this course at the beginning of the semester. However, let me summarize for you the topics we've discussed in the first five weeks of class:

Week 1: The internet! OMG IT IS SWEET!!! But it's going to change, and all that great community and free stuff? It won't be around in five years because no one cares about things that don't make money. It's going to go commercial. That sucks, doesn't it?

Week 2: WOW, you can find SO MUCH information and news on the internet! But when people are able to filter out what they want to read from all the other stuff they might see if they were watching a news broadcast or reading an actual newspaper, they are really shuttting themselves off from the rest of society, especially people who are extremely liberal or conservative. And what prevents tragedies like famine and depression is people being aware of what's going on around them. So if people only read what they think they want to read, our country is going to fall apart. That sucks, doesn't it?

Week 3: All the stories you've ever heard, and all the things that have ever happened to you, can all fit into a basic story-telling formula. Basically, nothing is really unique. That sucks, doesn't it?

Week 4: Every choice you make effects lots of other choices you make, but you can't go back and change anything you do. That sucks, doesn't it?

Week 5: I know we've been talking about a lot of boring crap lately, so let's venture back to the internet and watch some YouTube videos. IT IS SO FREAKING COOL!!! Too bad copyright, net neutrality, and capitalism are going to kill it. That sucks, doesn't it?

I really want to be excited about where technology is going to take us, and at first I thought this class was going to give me an outlet to do that. But every Tuesday and Thursday I leave campus feeling disappointed about the present or depressed about the future. And you know what? THAT SUCKS. YES. YES IT DOES.

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