Saturday, December 30, 2006

Pillow Fight

We've had sort of a constant swapping of beds going on between the bedrooms of my siblings and I. I slept on my parents' old queen bed growing up; my brother had a set of extra-long twin bunk beds and my sister had a little twin bed she got as a present when she graduated from her crib. The swapping reached a pretty high frequency after I moved out and my sister took over my bedroom, so we've all slept at one point or another on one of the three twin beds. Right now, my sister's room (my old one) houses one of the bunk beds and the queen. My tiny room holds the My First Big Girl Bed.

For the past few years, this bed wasn't a big deal. I used it a weekend or two every semester and that was that. Even this summer, I sucked it up and slept on it, even though I was bothered by the fact that I could easily dangle my feet off the end. Unfortunately, I was probably able to sleep in such an awful little bed because I was regularly going to the chiropractor who was doing miraculous things to my neck and back.

This being my first time sleeping in my Big Girl bed without A. leaving after two nights and B. having my back professionally cracked, it has been a little rough. So I pleaded with my sister to please put her clothes in the dresser, no, the queen bed does not double as a dresser, neither does the floor, what? no, I will not do it for you, and she agreed to let me sleep in the bed that saw me through jr. high and high school, because Loren? That bed in your room is so soft! I think I will sleep in it! We will trade! It will be great!

And MAN, did I miss this bed. It's big, it's got soft, worn-in sheets, and the mattress is hard as a rock so I don't wake up feeling like...well, like I slept in the Big Girl bed, which is small and soft and has sheets I can never seem to keep from getting twisted up in.

Apparently, this revelation of mine was followed shortly by my sister having a similar one, because two nights ago as I was about to go to sleep I found her sprawled upside-down in the middle of the bed with my pillows strewn across the floor. I was wholly disappointed, let me tell you. I sulked the whole way back to the Big Girl bed, where I sunk down into the middle and didn't fall alseep for several hours.

I sense that for the rest of my time at home, there will be a bed war going on--and let me tell you, I don't intend to lose.

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