Wednesday, November 29, 2006

First rule of regifting: remember where you got it.

Yesterday Christina came back from her extended Thanksgiving break (apparently, living across the country leads some people to believe that they are entitled to an extra day or two off). Her Christmas gift (Sufjan Stevens Christmas music!) had come in the mail, and seeing as how it was Christmas-themed, and no one really wants to listen to Christmas cd's on December 26th, I decided to give it to her now to enjoy before Christmas is everywhere and you are kind of sick of looking at snowmen and Rudolph.

"Here's your present."

"OH! I have something for you too. Part one. Your other present didn't come yet. Here."

"Ha ha. Thanks. I actually used to have one of these."

"Oh really? Maybe you are the one who gave this to me."

"No, mine wasn't in the box anymore."

"Oh, okay."

"But now I know that it's definitely been regifted."

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