Friday, September 23, 2005

I continue to be baffled by morning people.

I woke up early this morning. I am not going to disclose how "early" that is, but I will tell you my definition of early: waking up before I have to in order to be on time.

I was up so early that I actually had the chance to eat breakfast AND watch tv.

So did you know that Tyra Banks has a talk show now? Yeah. I watched part of it this morning but I feel like she just doesn't have the right personality to be on tv. She's a model. She is damn good at standing there looking good. She is not good at standing there sounding good, and I think the only reason America's Next Top Model is successful is because of the girls and NOT BECAUSE OF YOU, TYRA. Hulk Hogan is better at being on tv than you are. So is Janice Dickinson, and I think you knew that because you got rid of her. Keep Top Model. Lose the talk show.

So then I changed the channel.

And I have to say, I don't get why Regis and Kelly think it's a good idea to do an awards show on their morning talk show. It's weird. Those little chairs you give out are weird, the categories are weird, and the people you give them to would probably prefer REAL awards like Grammys or Oscars. So please discontinue the annual Relly Awards. Thank you. (p.s., Kelly it would be great if you would head back to Pine Valley and fix things up a little bit on All My Children. Don't you think that's a little more rewarding than giving an award to confetti? CONFETTI, Kelly. Little pieces of paper and ribbon won a statue on YOUR SHOW. I want you to think about that.)

Ellen DeGeneres dances a lot. She's pretty funny though so she may keep her talk show.

I don't enjoy watching The View (I haven't got the time to go into that), so I turned off the tv and I thought to myself, I am glad I'm not a morning person, because at least then I'm not missing any of the good shows.

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