Sunday, September 11, 2005

Baby you can drive my car (because it's working now)

I had a great weekend, and I think the best part was the fact that after three weeks of putting off fixing my car I finally called Triple A and had them come take care of it for me. I just needed a new battery, and they put that in. Then on Saturday, I replaced the tail light that has been out since the 4th of July. It's weird to be able to turn right without feeling bad for the people behind me because they don't know what I'm doing. Now all I need to do is put air in my tires and my car will be in perfect condition.

Having a car to drive has been really nice. Even though Christina let me drive the Xterra, it's different than having your own car. I love my car a lot and I try to be nice to her, because when I was driving my first car I talked smack about it and then I got pulled over (a story for another day). Then I talked smack about it again and it died in the middle of nowhere. So I stopped talking smack about my cars, and it has served me well (until recently, obviously).

So the Sunfire and I are on good terms, and that's nice. And p.s. stick shift is better than automatic.

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