Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Movin' On Up

I'm back from my long weekend in Colorado, but I wouldn't say I've recovered yet. The drive wasn't too bad, save Christina's parking ticket and the comiseration over my winning a $200 bookstore gift certificate at the Colorado Miami Alumni Picnic, but then giving it back because alas, I am not from Colorado. All I have to say is, THERE BETTER BE SOME KARMIC JUSTICE COMING MY WAY FOR THAT.

Plus, there is the current living situation that has made me sort of anxious since we pulled into the driveway at our house and got high off the paint fumes coming from our part of the house. See, there are 2 "apartments" in my house: a 3 person one upstairs and a 5 person one downstairs. They remodeled the upstairs portion this summer, so I was living downstairs. But really, I am signed up to live upstairs.

But it isn't finished yet.

We are supposed to move in today when I get home from work, so I have my fingers crossed. We got to go look at it on Monday (they keep it locked, so I hadn't seen it yet this summer), and it's gorgeous and everything is new and shiny and CLEAN, which I love. In a valiant effort by Christina and myself to keep our junk levels at a minimum upstairs, we tore apart the downstairs, cleaning out closets, filling boxes, and generally throwing things in to big piles. While we went for a run last night, Brendan came over and was convinced that we were dead and our house had been ransacked, since the bedroom that had been storing all of my stuff and half of Christina's looks like it threw up all over the living room. But there's a method to our madness, and we've decided that we're going to move everything in slowly and neatly so everything gets put away and not just thrown in the back of a closet. I am my mother's daughter, no?

It's going to be great fun hauling everything upstairs. I'm cursing myself for deciding I needed to have every book I've ever bought at school.

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