Sunday, July 17, 2005

How I spent a ridiculously muggy 48 hours

I've had a good weekend. I was going to finish it out with a trip to Miami's summer theater production of Seussical the Musical, but decided to sit it out. Mostly because I got up about an hour before I would have had to go.

Last night we went to Newport, KY to see Shadowbox Cabaret--Brendan had won some tickets. It was a lot of fun, sort of an SNL/Second City kind of thing. We also had dinner at this cute little Irish pub. Also, Newport has a crazy-looking Hooters, complete with neon-colored palm trees and a dock. Who knew?

During the day, we saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory because the tickets had sold out Friday night. It was really good. I love that boy who plays Charlie, I suppose if you have PMS you should not go see this movie because you will cry everytime he talks. I am not kidding! He is that adorable. Also, someone asked me if Johnny Depp was hot in this movie. NO, he is NOT. Don't even consider it for a second.

Friday night we waited around West Chester's Barnes & Noble for our Harry Potter books. It was a madhouse. BOOKSTORES ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE LIKE THAT so I was not very happy, but I do love me some time in a bookstore so I made the best of it. We ended up getting other books before we had to line up and reading them in the maps section ("No one wants to look at maps, right? We'll sit there.") while children in witch and wizard costumes ran around like little crazy people. Then finally, FINALLY we were told to get in line for our books. Now, we had gone at 6 o'clock to get numbers (and then come back after chinese and stops at Target and the "every single movie is sold out" theater), so we were in the 60's which put us fairly close to the front of the line (there were like 300 people with numbers and quite a few who were there to get a copy they hadn't reserved), but waiting in line for 45 minutes crammed between obnoxious, faux-wand-waving children and their parents was enough for me. So I did not tackle my book as soon as I got it. I read a few chapters when I got home that night and a few yesterday, but I haven't even touched it today. BUT I am still looking forward to reading it. It was just that it's been a busy weekend.

Now, it's time to do a little cleaning and wait for the good VH1 shows to start. Next weekend Brendan and I are heading to Loudonville. Oh, it is going to be so much fun...

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