Friday, April 29, 2005

Summer Goodness I Can Finally Think About Now That Classes Are Over

I was getting the feeling that my parents weren't too thrilled about my staying in Oxford this summer. I guess they had the right not to be, because who wouldn't want to live with me for the 3 1/2 months not already claimed by school? Okay. Actually I know what they were probably not so happy about was the fact that as of last Sunday I was still unemployed.

Well. There was the Print Center thing. And I had sent an application to several other places but they never got back to me. So last Friday before I went home I went to the Network Services office and filled out an application. These people were on the ball. They called Monday, interviewed me Tuesday, and on Wednesday I had a job. I was feeling pretty good about it, but I thought, it might be better if I had somewhere to work on the weekends.

Lucky for me, I have connections in IT Services through my English class--remember the camcorder project? Well, the "IT guy" is actually the head of Miami's IT services. And he e-mailed me this week asking me to give him a call about a job for the summer. I called to tell him that I already had a full-time job, and he said that was okay, but would I like to have a part time job writing documentation for other pieces of equipment in the lab. I almost died! I can actually be a technical writer! I am not killing myself over my English classes in vain!

So, because I was waiting to be hired before I wrote about all these things, here are my summer plans:
  1. I will be working at Gaskill Hall this summer, in the Network Services office and the computer lab.
  2. I will be taking two classes (speech and desktop publishing or something) from May 16-June 24.
  3. I will be living at my new house, which is very big and very nice. Please feel free to visit.
  4. I will be turning 21 on June 27.
  5. I will not be lifeguarding, or getting a tan, or teaching swimming lessons.
  6. I will be hanging out with all my friends who are also staying in Oxford.
  7. I will be chick-sitting while Brendan goes on vacation.
  8. I will be knitting a scarf (I'm planning ahead for once).
  9. I will be reading about a million books.

It doesn't get much better than this, does it?

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