Sunday, April 03, 2005

No, I don't have ADD.

I don't like it when professors post assignments online. Because this is what happens.
  1. I get online, which also requires me to sign-on to AIM.
  2. Being on AIM requires me to put up an away message.
  3. Unless, of course, someone starts talking to me, which requires a conversation and then the away message.
  4. I open up my browser (finally). Now here, my mind wanders and I have forgotten where I was going. So I might read the news, or a blog, or check the weather.

In fact, that is how I ended up writing this--because I clicked the "Blogger" bookmark instead of the "Miami Libraries" one. Off to read about Botany...I hope this exercise in procrastination was as time-wasting for you as it was for me.


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