Friday, April 15, 2005

Hello? Hello?

Over Spring Break, my phone started doing this crazy thing where I can hear the people who are talking to me but they can't hear me. I couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I tried taking the battery off and when I did I noticed that the screws holding the phone together were basically falling out. So I tried screwing them back in. Unfortunately, they are just too old and don't stay in anyway, so my phone is constantly in a state of falling apart.

At first, this was really annoying, because I would have to call people several times before finally getting my phone to work and not being hung up on. I realized that in lieu of having working screws, I could just hold my phone together with my hand. It works just as well and doesn't require me to find anything that could substitute as an only-for-tiny-screws screwdriver.

The best part of this situation, however, is that people who know about my phone and see me on the caller id will actually tell me to squeeze my phone. The conversation goes something like this:
other person: "Hello?"
me: "Hey, it's Loren, I--"
other person: "Hello? Loren?"
me: "Yes. I am here."
other person: "Hello? Loren? Loren. Are you even squeezing your phone?"
actual conversation commences.

It's hilarious. Not quite worth the broken phone, but funny enough to laugh at everytime I call someone.

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