Thursday, March 17, 2005

The post that's late because I just couldn't think of a title

On Wednesday morning I got up early, made breakfast with Jimmy and his friends, and then got ready to go spend the day with my friend Mike in Cleveland. I had a pretty good drive because I only went the wrong way once, and that was when I actually got to the house and kept driving past it. (Lorenism #1: It’s not a trip with me unless we go the wrong way at least once. The only times this doesn’t count is when I drive between Oxford and Loudonville, and on occasion I have been known to miss an exit.)

I had my first Panera and then Mike and I went to this candy store where he bought like a pound and a half of those raspberry candies . By the time we got to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame he had one pound left.

So, my opinion on the Rock Hall will be saved for another day. We were there for a while and we saw some interesting stuff. We even stopped in the Ray Charles exhibit but we were disappointed when we didn’t find his Kappa Kappa Psi jersey or even a picture of him wearing it (I absolutely CANNOT believe I let Mike talk me into putting that sentence in this entry). Unfortunately, it got old pretty fast and we were tired, so we ended up going back to his house. On our way to the car, this guy threw a popcorn ball at us and conned Mike into donating $3 to something. Poor Mike. He just couldn’t say no.

I had a terrible headache and ended up driving home at about 10:30 at night. Because I had gone the wrong way already, I made it home just fine. It was the most fun day of my Spring Break. Mostly, I think, because I was finally with someone who has all the same inside jokes I do.

Also, on a side note, thanks to Matt for always being my html reference guide, not to mention a constant ego booster. You’re not so bad yourself.

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