Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Metro, 1; Loren, 0

There is a bus stop at the dorm in front of mine, and the bus that stops there goes right to my first class of the day. However, this bus is typically late, so I usually just walk. However, this morning it was raining and when I saw that the bus was actually going to be on time, I started running to get to the stop on time. I got to the bus just as she closed the door behind the people who'd been waiting. And she drove off as I stood there waving my umbrella trying to get her attention. I really am not sure how she missed me.

That is just one of those moments where I'm thinking several things. The first is, "Shit, those people waiting for the other bus are totally laughing at me right now," and the second is, "Was that an omen? Is the rest of my day going to be like this?" Because I hate waiting to find out. Especially since if it was an omen, I would really rather have just gone back over to my room and crawled back into bed. It would have been a much closer walk.

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